Why Apple Blossom?

“Live through deeds of love, and let others live with tolerance for their unique intentions.”
― Rudolf Steiner

There are so many reasons for your family to choose Apple Blossom, but here are 20 we want to highlight:


  • #1

    We use the teaching methods of Waldorf and Reggio Emilia Approach for the Sunflowers and LifeWays/RIE for Buttercups and Rosebuds.

  • #2

    Each year the staff take continuing education classes to stay up to date with all the latest research on infant and toddler development.

  • #3

    Fresh, hands-on meals served several times a day! We get children to try seasonal, local foods, fruits, veggies and grains. And they learn to love it! Parents love it too.

  • #4

    We are a media free space with only Mother Nature as our greatest source of inspiration and your child’s natural curiosity. Your child will be surrounded by natural beauty, gentle hands, warm hearts and a soothing daily rhythm.

  • #5

    We sing, play, and explore each day.

  • #6

    The surroundings are filled with inspiring and open ended toys like, silks, wooden toys, felted animals, and homemade toys.

  • #7

    We bake, clean, garden and play our day away!

  • #8

    We go outside (rain or shine) daily as well.

  • #9

    We lovingly potty train your child when they are ready.

  • #10

    We are state registered and certified*.

    *Childcare options in Oregon include exempt family, registered family, certified family, or center care. There are over 5200 child care homes in Oregon. Of that number just 225 are certified homes. There are about 1020 centers. Certified homes are regulated like centers and have many of the same requirements. Every certified home goes through an annual certification process, unannounced visits and is inspected by the childcare division and the county health department. The certifier also observes the staff working with children. Staff in certified homes must have at least one full year of previous childcare experience or college training in early childhood education, child development, or in a related field. We are also required to take at least 15 hours of continuing education each year. When making your choice, know that going with a certified and licensed home, you are making a best choice there is! It’s a lot of work, but I feel it’s worth it for you and your child’s well being.
  • #11

    We are WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America) endorsed and certified.*.

    *A lengthily 5 year process of self assessments, peer assessments, mentor observations and a proven record of a healthy business. I now have the right to use the term “Waldorf” legally in my name if I choose to.
  • #12

    Apple Blossom is proud to have been implementing eco-friendly practices for the past 10 years. Our commitment to keeping our Earth and community a safe and clean environment is shown by example each day. They learn about composting, recycling and reusing. We only use green and earth friendly products for your child and our staff. We are a state registered and certified “Green” daycare (no pesticides, harmful, chemicals or cleaners, and use only organic food).

  • #13

    As a Waldorf based program, we strive to surround with toys from nature, things of beauty, and adult models worthy of imitation. Our educational goal is to develop skills that will last a lifetime.

  • #14

    Children will experience a daily rhythm.

  • #15

    We evolve listening and language skills through oral storytelling, finger plays and circle time.

  • #16

    We help facilitateproblem solving skills and development of the imagination via ample creative free play.

  • #17

    We teach good manners at meal times.

  • #18

    We nurture blossoming social skills by helping students become aware of fellow students’ feelings, abilities and uniquenesses.

  • #19

    We evolve an appreciation of nature through an awareness of the seasons and celebration festivals.

  • #20

    We build a life-long love of learning and discovery.