Words of Praise


My kids have grown and blossomed there…

We love the in-home setting of Apple Blossom. We are thrilled that the kids go outside everyday, rain or shine, and experience the wonders of nature. We love the home-cooked food and how the house always smells of fragrant dishes. We have really enjoyed the celebrating of the seasons with crafts, songs and games that are meaningful to the kids for years to come. Both of my kids have grown and blossomed there over the years!

Sam, Parent

It does all the things it claims…

I have been sending my 1 year-old son to Apple Blossom Beginnings since September, and I love the care that he gets there. Being a teacher myself, I know that how a school presents itself to the public – its mission and vision – can often be aspirational and not reflect the day-to-day reality of the program. I’ve been impressed with how ABB truly does all the things it claims on the website: art, singing, and time spent outdoors (even in the rain) are daily activities. These folks walk their Waldorf talk.

I have been consistently impressed with the professionalism of the Aunties (as the caregivers are called).  When our son had an allergic reaction to something he ate, the Director responded promptly but calmly to the situation, texted me a photo of the rash, sent someone over to the pharmacy to get an antihistamine, and documented everything. Daily, the Aunties write a long narrative with specifics of child’s day, which goes far beyond the basics of eating, napping and diaper changes. Not only do we learn about the activities our son did, liked, and disliked during the day, but we get a sense of the attention and regard our child’s Auntie gives him.

ABB is run out of a home near the Belmont Library (a new location). The Director lives on site upstairs and is always easy to reach, even after hours. The space –  which is uncluttered and free of plastic blinky toys – feels calm, warm and, well …homey. And we know our son naps well there, which lets us rest easy too. I can’t recommend ABB more highly.

Anonymous, Parent

Instilled a real love of nature in my daughter…

Our oldest daughter attended ABNS 2011-2012. She was 2 1/2 when she started, and it was the ideal environment for her age. Apple Blossom provides a nurturing, calm environment where children feel safe and welcomed. Our daughter’s social skills really improved with the gentle guidance of the teachers who modeled compassion and appropriate interactions very effectively. The school space itself is also conducive to positive socializing: natural materials, lots of imaginative play toys. Wholesome vegetarian meals are included in the tuition which makes mornings much easier- my daughter ate more vegetables there then she ever does at home! But the thing I valued the most about Apple Blossom was that the kids were outside every day, rain or shine (with the right clothes, of course). I think this is really important for small children and has instilled a real love of nature in my daughter. The only reason we left the school was because my husband’s school opened a preschool. Our younger daughter will be there next year, and we’re looking forward to it!

Lauren M., Parent

Calm and loving pace of the day…

We have had our son at ABB for 1 1/2 years now, and we love the place! It is a gentle and nurturing community for babies and toddlers to grow and develop. We have been so happy with the teachers, the home (which has moved to the Hawthorne neighborhood and has a spectacular backyard for the kids), and the calm and loving pace of the day for the little ones.

Note that the length of the day has changed to 8-5 to accommodate more realistic work schedules.

I highly recommend ABB for the care of young kiddos.

Sara P., Parent