2.5 years old and up

We have pet bunnies and two adorable cats & a small dog Lulu. This is an important part of our day for the Sunflowers. The children learn responsibility, compassion & gain joy & self esteem as they help care for the animals. We feed, water the animals & they children help Miss Carrie brush our dog Lulu. As the oldest in our school, they get special responsibilities & are allowed to do things that only Sunflowers get to do. Like help Miss Carrie chop vegetables with a real knife, (closely supervised of course) , sew with a real sewing needle, be a teachers helper & other age appropriate & challenging activates.

Apple Blossom surrounds children with all natural toys. For example, hand crafted wooden cars, trucks, trains, furniture & our full wooden kitchen. These encourage your child to socialize & use their imagination freely. It is also very grounding to play with wooden toys vs. plastic.

Your child also enjoys shells, silks, & wool felted balls & other items from nature, to connect them to nature in the “feeling world” & encourage their 5 senses, & open imagination. We will also do games to encourage cooperation, patience & skill building, and dolls that help to develop nurturing skills & socialization. We treat our dolls as we would a real baby & encourage the children to do the same. There are age appropriate puzzles, & manipulatives to explore as well. With these manipulatives, your child learns how to count, size, group for pre math skills & of course to offer more open ended items for them to use in open play. These play items also help in the development of your child’s small motor skills.

Each week we offer enriching activities like baking, play dough, coloring, painting & crafts. We also offer puppet shows, storytelling & read books. This is part of our multi cultural experience & helps in developing pre reading skills, imagination, patience, image building, offer solutions to problems we may be having in school (telling the truth, being kind to each other) & so much more!
Your children enjoy daily circle times with finger games, & lots of songs! This is good for so much! Your children will often take images from circle time (& story time) & integrate it into their own daily play! This is so much better than taking an image from TV, Movie or video game! It is organic in nature & encourages all children to join in the fun if they have all enjoyed it from the beginning together! This is a very important in the proper building of the brain cells. This is another reason it is SO important to take all media oriented imagery out of your child’s life & let them take on their socializing, image building, imagination, naturally, with each other. (3-D play vs. 2 D) There is such a huge difference in children & how they play. We know right away who has watched a movie, cartoon or learning video compared to the children who come to school open & ready to meet their play mates on an even playing field. There is less aggression, more open to new ideas & can maintain a theme longer with their friends or on their own.
Outdoor play happens every day as you know. This will promote healthier children all around! Nature is the biggest cure for our children in the city & everywhere! It encourages open ended play, exercise, large & small motor skills, care giving (for our animals) & socialization! We love the outdoors!
Our educational goal is to develop skills that will last a lifetime.

Daily Rhythm




First children start to arrive


Last children should arrive


Free play outside includes “Hair Shop” a fun song & time to bond one on one with each child as we do their hair. If their hair is already “done up” we will not undo it unless they ask for us to do a special hair-do like their friends.


Clean up time


All children enjoy a warm snack


Circle time (songs, finger plays, circle games, nursery rhymes).


The Buttercups & Sunflowers will stay inside for craft & free play.


Puppet show, story time




Rest time singing lullabies, rubbing backs


Afternoon snack


Free play inside or outside if weather permits & afternoon activities



Story time

3:30 -5:00pm

Children are picked up



First & last month’s tuition is due upon acceptance as well as registration fee. Annual tuition amount is due in 12 monthly payments or get a discount for full payment. (Payment plan might be available for start up cost)

New family registration fee (One-time fee)


Annual Supply Fee

Included in Annual Tuition

Application Fee (One-time fee)


5 days per week

Annual tuition: $17,556

4 days per week

Annual tuition: $14,032

3 days per week

Annual tuition: $10,524

2 days per week

Annual tuition: $7,016