Our School

“Receive the children in reverence; educate them in love; let them go forth in freedom.” ― Rudolf Steiner

We are happy to provide a blended program with a multi-age group of children age 3 months to age 6.

Our program is like no other in the area! We are highly trained and inspired by the following philosophies; Waldorf, REI/Lifeways and the Reggio Amelia Approach. In addition we are registered with the State of Oregon and have earned the designation of being a “Green” daycare. Through the inspiration of Steiner’s research in child development and current research on brain development and the importance of bonding, we believe that our model of care supports the healthy development of children.

We have 3 different groups of children depending on their age & ability: Rosebuds 3-18 months, Buttercups 19months-2.5 year and Sunflowers 2.5 & older. There is a good mix of age appropriate activities within your child’s group & time to interact with all the age groups. The younger children learn basic self-care and social skills from observing the older children and the older children learn basic nurturing skills by observing the caregivers tending to the little ones.

Our caregivers & teachers attend annual continued education courses. Our programs are able to meet special needs of each age group because we maintain a low child to caregiver ratio, regardless of the age group. The emphasis of a low ratio enables more of a family feeling.

Come visit today and see the many ways Apple Blossom is more than a daycare, we are a community!


Quick Facts

Hours of operation are 8:00-5:00, M-F  (early drop off available as well as late pick up for an extra fee)

We are open all year.

The preschool aged children (2.5 – 6 yrs) follow the PPS schedule.

We are a Waldorf based preschool & child care providers.



Infant to 18 months


19 months to 2.5 years


2.5 years and up

Who We Are


Apple Blossom Nursery School (ABNS) offers a beautiful and peaceful setting in southeast Portland, Oregon. We balance our program with activities that support your growing child’s gross and fine motor development, with plenty of time to explore their ever-expanding world. Here at Apple Blossom Nursery School, your child is surrounded with environmentally stimulating and enriching activities balanced with nutritional foods and a sense of community. We feel it is very important to offer a consistent & balanced rhythm for the children each day, week, month & year.